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Date: 3/22/2016 3:20 PM UTC

We are excited to announce our newest arrival from Provence: The beautiful Batiste Collection produced by the famous, historic design-house, Valdrôme FRANCE.

Valdrôme stands for beauty, history and quality. And we are thrilled to offer our customers a selection of Valdrôme FRANCE prints at La Cigale.

Provence nouveau. Provence authentique. Provence antique.

A Brief History of Valdrôme

At the end of the 16th century, French sailor and navigator John Valdrôme, returned from his journey to India and Persia with a bounty of richly-patterned, printed textiles called “Indiennes.” These vibrant and unusual textiles featured intricate paisley, floral, and kaleidoscopic designs created by hand using carved wood blocks and natural pigments in striking hues.

These new fabrics from the East were an instant success in France and spread like wildfire across Europe. 
Colorful Indian and Persian-inspired Valdrome prints 
In fact, demand for Indiennes was so high that craftsmen in Provence began using the Indian and Persian printing techniques to create their own fabrics and designs. Indiennes gained in popularity, especially at the 1650 Fair de St. Germaine, as the cooler, lighter Indiennes were a breath of fresh air compared to the heavy linens, wools and silks used in fashion of the day.

Textile manufacturers became threatened by the sudden success of the Indiennes, and the fabric was banned altogether, creating a booming black market for the desirable prints. Finally, in 1759, the ban was lifted and the Indiennes production in Provence flourished and evolved.

With the traditional Eastern designs in production at Valdrôme’s newly established factory in Valencia (est. 1770), Provençal artisans began travelling the French countryside, carving intricate wooden plates of pastoral scenes and floral motifs that represented their home, landscape and culture. Designs included olives, citrus blossoms, pomegranate flowers, lavender bouquets and cicadas (cigale).

And, these artisans, called “Indienneurs,” began importing rich dyes in red, indigo and golden hues of yellow made from plant juices and extracts. These design motifs and colors remain the signature style in Provençal textile design to this day.

Though the fabric-printing process has evolved since the days of wood-block printing, Valdrôme has continued to honor the rich story behind these special designs by continuing to offer the very prints that captured the imagination of Europeans and the world centuries ago.

Explore Valdrôme FRANCE at La Cigale. 

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Date: 1/28/2016 3:09 PM UTC

Ancient walled-city of Carcassonne

While friends and family have been hunkering-down and digging out of 30+ inches of snow in Mount Gretna, PA, John, Nancy and Perry are in Provence, dining with friends, exploring the countryside and ancient cathedrals and strolling along the scenic beaches.

But, John and Nancy are also meeting with a handful of design shops and weave mills to preview 2016 collections that may be offered at La Cigale. In fact, La Cigale has worked hand-in-hand with these family-run shops throughout Provence for over 15 years to deliver the highest-quality, hand-made tablecloths and accessories.

Many families who own these design studios and print mills have kept this rich tradition and heritage of textile design alive for centuries!

Stay tuned for La Cigale's new 2016 Provençal Tablecloth and Country French accessory collections on the La Cigale website and Facebook page!

Below is a little peek at what we've been up to in Provence!

Basilica Cathedral

A cat peeking in at Eygaliers

A design studio and weave mill in Provence where we get many of our colorful Tapestry Weave Tablecloths

Farmer John in the Provençal countryside

A beautiful cathedral

The scenic Menton coast

Nancy enjoying a sunny lunch of sausage and salad in Eygaliers

The best part of visiting Provence- cherished friends

A bientot!

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Date: 7/15/2015 3:55 AM UTC

Wishing you a Happy Bastille Day from all of us at La Cigale!

Pictured here are shop owners John & Nancy Mitchell, waving their (improvised) French Flag in celebration!

Bastille Day, known as La Fête national in France, commemorates the storming of the Bastille in Paris on July 14th 1789.

More from Wikipedia:
"The French National Day commemorates the Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789, which was the culmination in Paris of a violent revolution that had begun two days earlier, as well as the Fête de la Fédération which celebrated the unity of the French people on 14 July 1790."

Claude MonetRue Montorgueil, Paris, Festival of 30 June 1878 (public domain image)

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Date: 6/21/2015 11:01 PM UTC

We packed a picnic, complete with Provençal linens, and Champagne,  of course, and headed to Forney Field for a Lancaster Polo Club match! It was a beautiful sunny day, and there were lots of people and dogs in attendance!

Below are a few snapshots of this lovely afternoon, featuring our new Brilliant Cotton Print Provençal Tablecloth!

Setting the stage for a picnic & polo-watching

La Cigale staffer, Judy, setting the beautiful table

La Cigale owner, Nancy Mitchell, enjoying the festivities

Delicious! Lox, red onion, capers & cream cheese on a bagel

Judy's famous Deviled Eggs (a passerby even stopped and snagged one!)

This beautiful floral arrangement from Mt. Gretna's very own Mary 'The Flower Lady' set the stage

La Cigale owner, John Mitchell, mixing up a batch of refreshing Mimosas


Our Provençal cotton bags are perfect for picnic accessories!

Refills for a hot Sunday afternoon! 

Judy, John, Nancy & Katie

Prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe, topped with a fresh mint sprig stole the show!

Saluting the American Flag on Flag Day

"Let the games begin!"

Fried chicken and French cheeses to finish off the feast!

A happy member of the Lancaster team

Nancy stomping divots between "chuckers"

Featured items from La Cigale:
Brilliant Cotton Print Tablecloth (stain & fade-resistent)
Provençal Cotton Bag (free with purchase of $100 or more)

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Date: 3/30/2015 6:23 PM UTC

We spent the weekend in beautiful Mobile, Alabama at the Festival of Flowers! The taste of sun and bright blooms makes us excited for Spring to make an appearance in Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania, where we live and make custom tablecloths.

Come and visit us at our shop, located on Route 117 in the heart of historic Mount Gretna! 
(MAP). There's plenty to do in our little town and the surrounding area- from great hiking trails, to attractions in Hershey, and great local produce at Lancaster's Central Market.  Hope to see you! 

Below are a few of our favorite Provençal floral tablecloths and accessories to get you in the mood for Spring! 

New at La Cigale! A sunny charmer, perfect for a Spring party

This happy print of bold sunflowers is a best-seller at our shop

Another sunflower that puts a smile on our face! These 100% cotton towels are super-absorbant

Another best-seller because of it elegant pattern of Pomegranate blossoms and rich color.

Another beautiful display of florals, perfect for a Spring dinner party or Easter brunch.

Set up your Spring feast with elegant floral napkins that match the Pomegranate tablecloth

Bold poppy blooms are set against a bold check of color. Love this!

A stunning display of France's beloved lavender blooms

New at our shop! We're loving how this adds a bold pop of color in our kitchen

Sweet fruit blossoms celebrate the arrival of the sun in this colorful napkin. (Match them with the Sangria acrylic tablecloth)

Mix and match these funky florals to create a charming ambience at your table

Remember, we're happy to create custom size tablecloths for your table if you don't see a size that you need on our website. Just get in touch! 

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Date: 3/3/2015 4:34 PM UTC

(pictured above: close des oliviers stripe design in green)

Throughout the centuries, bold stripes have always had their place in Provençal textile design. That's because a stripe (linear) design is a playful way to add a layer of texture and color to your table, while maintaining classic elegance.  

At La Cigale, we love stripes! That's why we offer almost all of our acrylic-coated and cotton tablecloth collections in two designs- the "design in place" pattern and the "stripe (linear)" design. 

Are you a fan of the stripe design? Email us a photo of your striped La Cigale tablecloth on your table, and we may feature it in an upcoming blog! Email:

Below are a few of our all-time favorite Provençal designs in the stripe (linear) pattern:

(pictured above) The Annecy Acrylic-Coated Tablecloth: Stripe (Linear) Design in Blue

(pictured above) The Clos des Oliviers Acrylic-Coated Tablecloth: Stripe (Linear) Design in Blue

(pictured above) The Citron Acrylic-Coated Tablecloth: Stripe (Linear) Design in Blue

(pictured above) The Palmette Acrylic-Coated Tablecloth: Stripe (Linear) Design in Yellow

(pictured above) The Rose Lavender Acrylic-Coated Tablecloth: Stripe (Linear) Design 

(pictured above) The Poppy Acrylic-Coated Tablecloth: Stripe (Linear) Design in Blue

(pictured above) The Transition Acrylic-Coated Tablecloth: Stripe (Linear) Design in Yellow

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Date: 2/18/2015 7:39 PM UTC

We just returned from a wonderful trip to Provence, and while we were there, we previewed several new floral designs for Spring! We brought back samples and are now turning to you, our customers, for input on your favorite ones!

We need your help in deciding which of the colorful floral beauties (pictured below) we should offer at La Cigale! So, we are asking that you please share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below or at our Facebook page! Or, by emailing us at

We value your opinion and can't wait to hear what you think about these new Provençal designs!
Thanks, John & Nancy

1. Artiste Tablecloth

2. Peony Tablecloth

3. Daffodils & Tulips Tablecloth

4. Watercolor Tablecloth

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Date: 2/5/2015 11:20 PM UTC

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Maybe you're making last-minute dinner reservations for your sweetheart. But, may we suggest an alternative? Set the scene for romance with a candle-lit table for two in your own dining room. Below are three festive tablecloths to help you set the stage for your dinner in!

1. The Chamonix Tapestry-Weave Tablecloth is an obvious choice for the holiday that's all about love. Rich red hearts and festive filigree will warm up a winter night. Add a heart-shaped box of chocolates for your sweetie, and you're set!

2. Our next suggestion is the Patrice Jacquard Tablecloth. If you're looking for elegant simplicity- this one is it! Add candlesticks, bubbling glasses of champagne, and you've got a romantic Valentine's table-scape for two!

3. Add a splash of color to your Valentine's Day feast by throwing a Jacquard runner across your table. Add, don't forget to add a vase of flowers for your loved-one. 

Tell us: Will you be dining in on Valentine's Day? Tell us about your plans in a comment below!

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Date: 1/30/2015 4:59 PM UTC

We recently spent three weeks in Provence, a beautiful area in the south of France. We met up with close friends to taste wine, try local dishes, see art, and preview new Provençal Tablecloth Collections, of course. We're looking forward to sharing these beautiful collections with you!

In the meantime, enjoy some of our favorite pictures that we took on our adventure!

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Date: 10/14/2014 5:19 PM UTC

La Cigale shop owners John & Nancy Mitchell

Bienvenue! We warmly welcome you to our brand new blog, "La Cigale: Table Art of Provence," where we'll keep you up-to-date on the latest in Provencal decor and Table Art! We'll show you how to have fun playing with color, mix things up with patterns, and choose a thoughtful gift that's just the right size! 

Life is worth celebrating, and with a colorful tablescape to fit your style, a dinner becomes an event! 

We'd love to hear about the products you love and how you're incorporating them into your own home decor! Let us know in a comment, or send us an email at

A bientot! 

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