The Olive Collection of 100% Cotton Jacquard Tablecloths - Shapes Available include Square and Rectangular tablecloths as well as Napkins.

Olive Jacquards Collection - Ecru

Olive Jacquards Collection - Green

Olive Jacquards Collection - Yellow

The Olive Jacquard Collection is another beautiful example of the Table Art of Provence™

The chart below lists the available sizes, shapes, and prices for this collection.  Our Jacquards are beautiful 100% Cotton weaves with Teflon® fabric protector applied. Unlike our cotton print tablecloths, these have their elegant designs woven right into the cloth on a loom. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including napkins.

All of our Jacquard tablecloth collections are designed using 100% cotton fabric with Dupont TEFLON® treatment applied; there are currently NO Jacquards being sold by La Cigale without TEFLON® treatment.  We feel that the additional protection provided by the TEFLON® treatment on these beautiful works of Provençal Table Art is well worth the slight increase in cost.  You can view individual cloth information and order your jacquards in the area below the chart:

Size Suggested Table Shape and Usage


Price (USD) with Teflon® fabric protector

63” x 63”

 Square: Fits 42”to 52” square or round table  4 – 6

Jacquard Weave 


63" x 82"

 Rectangular:  table for 6 seats 

Jacquard Weave


63” x 98”

 Rectangular:   table for 8 seatsJacquard Weave$100.00

63"x 122"

 Rectangular: table for 10 seats

Jacquard Weave


63"x 136"

 Rectangular: table for 12 seats

Jacquard Weave


18” square

 Table Napkins Jacquard Weave


  Dish Towel

Jacquard Weave

        $16.00 each


      2 for $25.00

20"x 60" 

 Table runner

Jacquard Weave

        $39.00 each


      2 for $70.00

NOTE: We now have Jacquard Tablecloth available  90in and 108in Round, no seam. If you wish pictures  email us  a request. Thank you.

Olive Jacquards Napkins

Olive Jacquard Tablecloths Collection with TEFLON
These Jacquard Tablecloths Collections have the design woven into the cloth, which then has Teflon® fabric protector applied so that the pattern and color make a table come to life and yet maintain a formal elegance and provide stain resistance.

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Olive Jacquard 100% Cotton with Teflon® fabric protector - 63x63 Square tablecloth - available in Ecru, Green or Yellow

For more information on the shapes, sizes, and colors of the Olive Jacquard collection tablecloths, click here.
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