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French Provençal Linens





If you are an existing retail business or wish to start a retail business and would like to offer authentic French Provençal Linens, welcome!

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To contact us, please call the sewing shop at 717-964-3313, phone open 11am to 5pm EDST/EST or e-mail us at


Wholesale Request Form

If you are interested in offering La Cigale® products to your clients, please fill out the below form. Upon receipt of the completed form your request will be considered and if approved, the current La Cigale® wholesale police and pricing will be sent.

La Cigale® does not require a contract or franchise agreement.

Thank you for your interest in La Cigale® products.

Home Décor Store, Gift Shop, French Imports Store etc.

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Please send us a brief message about your business and your interest in becoming a La Cigale wholesale dealer.

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